2018 Holiday Pottery Sale

 With guest Jeff Oestreich

 Friday, Dec. 7

 5pm - 9pm

 Saturday, Dec. 8

 10am to 5pm

 Sunday, Dec. 9

 noon to 4pm

 Everyone's welcome.  Bring a friend!   If these hours aren't convenient, please give us a call and we can arrange a time that works for you.  Our showroom is open year         round....just give us a call to make sure we're home.

 11131 SW Lancaster Road
 (click for map)

 Portland, OR 97219




Our studio, showroom and home are in Portland, Oregon.

Our stoneware and porcelain pots are hand-thrown on a treadle wheel in series, or families. After the application of slips, the pots are soda-fired, which creates a warm and rosy surface.

We love to make these pots and we hope you enjoy using them.

View our pottery here







Jeff Oestreich


Pat Burns


Andy Balmer


Jeff's studio with bisque ware awaiting glazing.


Jeff's studio at night when lots of the work gets done.


Our bread pans hard at work in a bakery in Whitethorn, California


Current stoneware bread pan


Leather hard plates with colored slip decoration.


Fired plate with colored slip decoration.


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